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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hong Kong Island Info & New Photographs


Hong KongHong Kong Unique Management Region is a city of 7 million situated on the South China Sea. Once a calm fishing town, the city became a British top colony in 1841 pursuing the first Opium War, when China went to war with England trying to stop the flow of drugs into the country. A second annexation happened following the next Opium War in 1860, and in 1898, the New Territories landscapes was rented for 99 years. On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong came back to Chinese rule below the 'One Country, Two Systems' belief.

Hong Kong 2012Hong Kong is the island that offers the area Hong Kong its name. Even though it is not the biggest part of the territory, it is the area that a lot of visitors consider as the major focus. The celebration of buildings that make the Hong Kong skyline has been compared to a shining bar chart that is made obvious by the position of the waters of Victoria Harbour. To get the best views of Hong Kong, leave the island and head for the opposite Kowloon waterside. The majority of Hong Kong's people are Han Chinese (95%), generally of Cantonese origins, although there are also significant numbers of other Chinese categories such as Chiuchao (Teochews), Shanghainese and Hakkas. A considerable number of Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese live here too, and many have families that have lived in Hong Kong for various ages. Check out some of Hong Kong new pictures-images given below.
Hong Kong Night View
 Hong Kong Night View 
Hong Kong
 Hong Kong Beautiful Night View 2012
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 2012
Hong Kong
 Hong Kong 2012 At Night
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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