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Monday, 4 June 2012

Chicago United States Latest Photographs 2012

Chicago U.S

Chicago is a very popular city in United States and it's also the largest city in US and third most populous city after New York City and Los Angeles. Chicago was introduced as a city in 1837. The city covers an area of 60,000 hectares. I read some where that it's a third laregest city with a population of almost three million people. World largest commercal office building Mechandise located in this city. Chicago is also called home to eleven Fortune 500 companies. The U.S presidential candidates debate was broadcast for first time from Chicago on September 26, 1960. There's lots of things about this world most famos city Chicago, I will post about it some other time. Here we have some of most recent and latest photographs of Chicago given below. Hope you would like to visit to such a great city in United States. 
Chicago United States
Chicago 2012
 Chicago Nigh View
Chicago US
 Chicago 2012
Chicago Night
 Chicago Lights
Chicago 2012
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